Monday May-18

Today starts our last week in Vietnam. It is crazy how fast this great experience has already gone by. Today I helped Gina with 4 lessons in the 6th and 7th grades.

We started our day off by going to breakfast at the school again. We had pho again.  I’m really liking it and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. For today I had to prepare 3 lessons with Gina. Gina gave me the material that they have been working on and gave me so websites for ways of studying and I had to put a review lessons together. Today, I was again on my on because Gina had to give the students their speaking tests. For the first block of the day I had class 7B2. For all of my lessons today I had the same plan; 1. review words, 2. play “Slap Board”, 3. do word search, and 4. play “Around the World”. “Around the World” is a game that I used to play in elementary school. Two kids stand up and are give a word to spell, the first to spell it correct gets to move on to the next person and it goes around the room. But because all of the classes are at different English levels, I had to make different word searches for them. 7B2 went great! The kids really like me and they all did their work, and I think they like it. The same went for block 6B. These kids are younger so we had some easier vocab. We went over some words like reward, career, hire, and postings.

IMG_5698 IMG_5699

Gina and I went back to the teacher’s room and found out that Gina had a class during block 3. Because it is exam week, the schedule is all messed up. But, we made up a quick plan and went to class. I hung out with the students and played music while Gina took them and did the speaking tests in the hall. After this block we went to lunch. Everyday at lunch there is either the option for the traditional Vietnamese option, or a Western option. Today’s Western option was shrimp and pasta, so I got that. After lunch I taught another class, 7C2. This was a very fun class. We did the same things;  1. review words, 2. play “Slap Board”, 3. do word search, and 4. play “Around the World”. It’s amazing to see these student’s English skills. They are so good. After class, I went back to the teacher’s room to correct and look at the Word Searches. While I did this we had some great cookies from the market.


After classes, Ally and I went to the market. I bought lolipops the other day and brought them to one of the classes today, and the kids loved it. I had to buy some more so the kids tomorrow can have some. When we got back to the house I had to plan for tomorrow. I am doing 3 lessons. For 2 of them I will be playing a Jeopardy game that I made up using the words that they have been studying. This is a great way to get the kids ready for their exams and I think they enjoy it.

Tonight we went out with Kenny again. This time we went out to a small cafe near by for a quick dinner and then to the tallest tower in Hanoi, “LandmarkSky72”. This tower was built by Koreans. On the bottom it is a hotel, then office spaces, then apartments, and finally on the top it is a art gallery, cafe, and observation deck. It was super cool to see Hanoi from this view. The art was also super cool. It was all 3D art. All of the pictures looked 3D due to the shadows in the pictures. We spent about an hour here and then went back to the house. Tomorrow I have another 3 lessons! 988544_10206101941894884_6127272775848636340_n 10479534_10206101934534700_5519715817103255841_n 10920945_10206101937534775_7209023268513247386_n 10957133_10206101946254993_1098649041797485633_n 11054513_10206101939494824_5911746736499267797_n 11124505_10206101942854908_4682827911400541761_n 11204972_10206101949855083_2851539718124671322_n11151008_10206101944334945_7733483724807860597_n   11230586_10206101945454973_1341980406713104704_n 11262993_10206101944014937_3590013234076236984_n11265567_10206101933814682_4813950782173245403_n11267199_10206101940774856_7817418844377760259_n


1. Teaching is repetitive. You have to really love what you are teaching to be able to teach it. I somewhat did the same thing over and over today, just with different vocab, but I could see how teaching in a public school, where you have to stick to a curriculum, could get boring and repetitive. I like it how at this school teachers have the ability to design their own curriculum and be flexible.

2. Vietnam is hot!!! Today was one of the hottest days so far in Vietnam. Today it was well in to the 90’s and it’s going to be around 98 tomorrow and Wednesday.


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