Monday May-11

After the short flight to Hanoi, we got our bags and found Mr. McDonald waiting for us outside of the airport!

It was great to see Mr. McDonald again! He was a great adviser to me last year and has been a huge influence in my life! We quickly got out of the airport and Mr. McDonald’s driver took us from the airport to his house. It’s about a 40 minute drive. It was an amazing drive. I have had my own perceptions of Vietnam, but it was totally different than what I expected. The airport is right outside of Hanoi. It was a great drive in to the city.

View from 2nd floor balcony

After we got to the house, Mr. McDonald took us for a walk around the neighborhood. The neighborhood is beautiful in the section that they live in. It is about a 2 minute walk from the school. After seeing a park and some streets, we went to the school. The school is outstanding! I want to come here! From the minute you walk in you feel at home and you want to learn. It is a very friendly and comforting environment.

We were extremely gross from our days of travel, so when we got back to the house we took some much needed showers. Tobey, Ally, and I have our own floor in the house. The girls share a bedroom, while I am sleeping on a mattress in Mr. McDonald’s office. The house is beautiful and I am so appreciative of both Chris and Van for this experience.  IMG_5060


One thought on “Monday May-11

  1. Dearest Conor, We miss you at advisee meeting. We wanted to see how your first two days have been. How are you? Ms. Harmsen bought us all squirrels. They are so cute, but they are trying to eat the weekly grade sheets. There was a three-way tie for student of the week in our advisee group. We’re bored without you. Souvenirs accepted but expected. We’ll check in next week. Have fun!!


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