Sunday May-10

Today we are starting our journey to Vietnam for an internship with the Olympia Schools! Ally, Tobey, and myself are going there to teach English and to learn about schools in Vietnam. However, before we are able to get there we must travel for 25 hours!

Our journey started on Sunday at 2:45 am when we left my house for Logan Airport. Our flight was at 6:30 to Toronto. From Toronto we took a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong. This flight was terrible. I have never been in one place or done one thing for 15 hours straight.  We realized that our flight to Hong Kong was the equivalent to 5 weeks on classes. We could have gotten so much done in this time, but we mostly just slept and watched movies. Our flight from Toronto was delayed so we had to rush through the airport in Hong Kong to meet our connecting flight to Hanoi. Luckily, when we got off of the plane, there was a woman with a since for us. She took us all through the airport and got us to bypass security. Thanks to her we made our flight. The little that we saw of Hong Kong was beautiful! This is where I am going to end day 1 of our travels. I will continue to talk about it on Day 2. IMG_5044


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